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Monday, December 1, 2014

Draft dodgers pick golden locks



mrwhitespade said...

who let the cats out

BreakingCodes said...

mrwhitespade, nice work! I think one could call this a "mane event."

Mark said...

That was tricky... I'll try that on my bald spot...

Cryptopop said...

Yes, that was a tricky one ...many plausible possibilities.

It took a while but I avoided a cat-astrophe!

jdege said...

From the comments here, I guessed one word, tried it in various places, and finally cracked this.

Absent the crib, I'd have never gotten there.

BreakingCodes said...


This was a really tough one. And maybe a bit unfair.

Multiple solutions are possible, although they don't make as much sense as the intended one. The title is meant to disambiguate any alternate outcomes -- but you can't quite figure out its real meaning until you've correctly solved the cryptogram.

Crib or no crib, kudos to all of you!

Cryptopop said...

After solving the cryp manually,I ran it on Decrypto 8.5, using the large dictionary and restricting solutions to "dictionary-only" words.

It produced well over 500 solutions. HOWEVER, after skimming through the possibilities, none of the solutions other than the intended answer made any sense.

One solution (using "bats" instead of "cats") almost made sense but not really. D8 found your solution as it's first choice.

I believe this puzzle's solution to be unique as far as a logically correct answer is concerned.