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Monday, December 1, 2014

Bee sting smarts



jdege said...

Now that really is clever.

Cryptopop said...

Yes, very intriguing cryp!

I solved it sans plume and the identity mapping M=M threw me off at first.

BreakingCodes said...

Thanks, guys.

In the interest of tidying this one up for posterity, plaintext m now equals ciphertext B.

My 12-year-old was practicing for a spelling bee last night, so that's where the idea for this cryp came from.

jdege said...

Cryptopop - solving sans plume, was your fist crack "BPKKZGRRK"?

Did you not consider that it might be "millwheel"?

Cryptopop said...

My first try was "MPKKZGRRK" and "misspells" initially came to mind but I initially ignored it because of the identity mapping.

I did not think of "millwheel" but if I had I would have ignored that also.

I realize that same letter substitution is valid but not traditional in sim subs.

Mark said...

Thanks... that was fun. Not only learned how to spell but I picked up a few pointers about "Apis mellifera mellifera".

Hope your 12 year old did well on the spelling bee.

BreakingCodes said...

Mark, glad you liked it.

My daughter got eliminated on an easy word, "oriole," which she had never come across. I guess there are consequences for not properly exposing a child to the world of professional baseball!